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Rebecca's Biography

Rebecca Kisaichi

Rebecca caught the viticulture bug in the late 1990's, just about the time her husband,Tom, began his own winery

Maboroshi Wine Estates. She had previously and quite unexpectedly found herself working alongside Helen Turley and Erin Green on several Napa Valley wine projects. Monitoring barrel fermentations and punch downs was less appealing than the days she spent roaming the terrains of back mountain vineyards and collecting data on the grapes prior to the harvest. So it was back to school to learn about soil and vine science. Living and working in Sonoma County led her down a natural path to organic viticulture. She quickly took the reins as resident vineyard manager for the Maboroshi Vineyard in Sebastopol, California and brought the once abandoned apple orchard back to life with organic practices and the integration of sheep grazing. Upon completion of the organic certification, she threw herself into Biodynamics; developing yet another distinctive element to the vineyard. Her down to earth style and love of the land is emulated in the elegant wines produced at Rebecca K.